CMX2402 AWD Commercial All Terrain Mower

Like no other mower on the planet

Why it works.

What makes the CMX 2402 so uniquely different to any other machine on the market?

Priced at just $20,870 +GST

The Canycom CMX2402 is like no other mower on the planet! With a whopping 24hp, the CMX2402 is the culmination of over a century of Japanese engineering and over 20 years performance in harsh New Zealand conditions. It is a true masterpiece of design which can only be experienced to be believed.

As well as handling super steep terrain, slashing long grass/weeds and saplings up to 36mm in diameter, It also performs great in wet and swampy conditions – with plenty of horsepower at immediate disposition from the shaft drive deck. No deck belts to break, slip or burn!

There is truly no other 4WD, shaft driven mower available on the market in this segment. The CMX2402 is designed for exceptionally hard work, with more substantial transmission, charge pump, removable filter and 7 litre hydrostatic oil reticulation tank, the mower stays cool in extreme conditions and works long days at your side.

All this is available to you in a highly affordable price point of just $20,870 +gst – a very economic way to outperform your competitors in the demanding New Zealand mowing contracting market.

The Benefits

You’ll never look back at the old equipment ever again. Discover benefits you never knew you needed.

Shaft Drive Deck

A shaft driven deck outperforms a belt driven deck in any situation. Direct power transmission equals high blade tip speed, meaning smoother, effortless cutting – far from the slippage, breakage and burning that belts often do. A shaft driven deck also allows the Canycom to have the largest height of cut range. All the running gear is protected through the use of shear pins at both ends of the drive shaft which protect the g ear box from any damage in case of hitting solid objects.

Low Centre of Gravity

Not only is a low profile mower beneficial for mowing under trees or plantations, it allows the Canycom mower to be the safest on the market for mowing on slopes. The low height and long wheel base makes the mower exceptionally stable, virtually hugging the ground. Mow slopes of up to 30° or more!

Hybrid Hydrostatic + Mechanical Drive

Put simply, this unique hydrostatic/mechanical drive gives you all the ease of an automatic transmission, with the power, durability and safety of a mechanical gear box.

Katana ™ Blade system

Canycom's unique Katana™ blades mount easily onto the blade carrier without requiring any tools! This makes replacing the blades easier - you don t even have to get under the machine. The Katana ™ blades aren't ordinary blades either, made from extremely resilient Japanese sword steel, guaranteed to give you a long cutting life in the most extreme conditions.

Two Speed Hi/Lo Gearbox

This simple but important function allows you to have all the power, traction and mowing ability when you need it when in low range, or simply switch to Hi range for when you want to cover ground quickly.

Full Mechanical Differential Lock

In simple terms, a full mechanical diff lock means that you wont freewheel or risk losing control when on rough terrain. Too many people have been killed in New Zealand from going out of bounds with a conventional ride on which are precarious when mowing on sloping or slippery ground.

Large height of cut range

Being able to have a large cut height range is super important– allowing you to tame heavy brush easier, or leaving a neat finish on a low cut turf lawn. Having a shaft driven deck allows the Canycom to have a larger height of cut range to any other similar machines on the market. This is because other machines instead use a belt/pulley system, meaning that when the deck is raised and lowered the belt becomes angled and more prone to wear, slippage,or completely derailing. This means the height range is restricted– not an issue for the Canycom!

Super Fast Mowing

With a maximum speed of 13.8km/h and a mowing speed of almost 8km/h, a cutting height range from 0-150mm and a shaft drive deck, the Canycom brushcutter can outperform any other ride on mower or brush cutter in long grass, with a mowing speed of up to 7,300m³/h!

Two/Three Stage Braking

For maximum safety and braking performance, the Canycom incorporates both hydraulic braking as well as braking with enclosed drum shoes on the front axle. All wheel drive models also have rear axle via enclosed drum shoes. This makes sure you re never out of control on steep slopes.

Commercial Honda Engine

Higher performance, less problems and great backup service in New Zealand.

Adjustable debris deflectors

Both sides of the deck open up– allowing you to either side discharge or rear discharge the cut debris. This means for neater lawns you can achieve a nicer finish, or for extra thick rough material you can discharge it fast and easily to avoid blockages.Opening sides also enable easy, fast access to the underside of the deck for cleaning or accessing the blades.

Wide brush opening & nudge bar

Cutting thick grass and brush is made much easier with the nudge bar, which pushes higher material over before it is taken into the wide throat on the underside of the Canycom. At 236mm high, this opening allows for a more consistent cut quality and better handling of heavy thick material.

Easy clean deck

A special wash port on the deck allows for easy, fast cleaning of the deck underside–preventing grass build up which hinders mowing performance.

Comfortable Ride

Steering column, steering wheel, backrest, seat height and seat position are all fully adjustable to your preference, making your mowing ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

Full Parts, Service, and Backup

Parts, service and backup are extremely important for machines like the Canycom, which is why we have over 8 stockists New Zealand wide, plus numerous more service agents who will provide complete after sales backup and support. A fully stocked parts warehouse in Christchurch means that you ll get access to spares and parts within 1-3 business days. Find your nearest dealer here or contact us to find a service agent near you.

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